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Dreamy Creations

Dreamy Creations

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We are the 2X Winners of Food Networks Cupcake Wars! This company was born from love. The love a mother had for pastries and baking, the love a daughter had for quality food, and a love they had for each other. It is our hope to bring love and sweet happiness to your parties and home with our Dreamy Creations.




Sweet Cakes (2/order):

Apple Pie – (Cinnamon cake mixed with our caramelized apples rolled in our cinnamon sugar spicy cocoa mix)

Chocolate Truffle – (Dark chocolate cake mixed with frosting rolled in dark rich french chocolate sprinkles)

Birthday Cake – (Vanilla butter Cake with sprinkles mixed with birthday frosting rolled in rainbow sprinkles)

Rainbow Roughage – (Strawberry cake & strawberry sauce mixed with vanilla cream frosting rolled in fruit loops)

Cake Jars:

Cake Jars: – (Moist southern red velvet cake topped with our signature cream cheese frosting)

Campfire – (Vanilla butter cake topped with our homemade sweet caramel frosting covered in mini marshmallows toasted to perfection)

Birthday Cake – (Birthday cake loaded with rainbow sprinkles frosted in our creamy vanilla frosting sprinkled in rainbow sprinkles)

Vegan Vanilla Milk Chocolate – (Vanilla cake topped with a milk chocolate frosting and a red fondant (V) Vegan – Contains coconut milk)

GF Double Chocolate – (decadent fudge brownie topped with a rich chocolate a frosting. (GF) Gluten Free – Made in a facility that uses gluten)



Cakes, Sweets / Dessert, Vegan


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