Richeeze Melts

Richeeze Melts

Richeeze Melts

Grilled Cheese / Mac n' Cheese / Vegetarian


Richeeze Melts is taking grilled cheese sandwiches to another level. Working with the best local chefs, the highest quality meats and cheeses and a huge variety of flavors and ingredients, this food truck specializes in ‘gourmet on the go.


Half a Grilled Cheese with a 9 oz. Mac & Cheese:

CLASSIC GRILLED CHEEZ – (All-american richeeze blend on white bread. The best classic grilled cheeze on the planet!)

THE CALI CLUB – (Whole wheat bread with provolone, sliced turkey breast, crispy applewood smoked bacon, and avocado aioli)

SIDES: MAC AND CHEEZE (Richeeze famous three cheeze mac…baked to perfection and served in our richeeze all cheeze bowl)



Grilled Cheese, Mac-n-Cheese, Vegetarian


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